Your well being

Cymatech's intention is to enrich your life, through its enlightened perception programs whether in the work
place, at home, in social  or other environments. Well-being is a state-of-mind, and 
Cymatech presents an
approach for you to manage this life supporting sense by enabling you to: 

♦   Manage your thought processes to increase that inner feeling of well-being.
♦   Realise that external satisfaction only provides a short-term fix.
♦   Achieve a balance in that 24/7 lifestyle - is that all there is?
♦   Balance body, mind and inner (spiritual) self.
♦   Use four vital keys for creation of psychological growth.
♦   Use elements of corporate social responsibility to improve work/ life balance.

1.   20th century well-being illusion

Like that illusory inner sense of security (see Inner Security Post 9/11 and 7/7), so too thought processes determine our inner sense of well-being. At the close of the 20th century, large corporations began to search for a formula that could lead to a lasting sense of well-being for their employees. It’s called psychological growth. Human resource divisions of corporations continue to search for such a solution. The present approach to training and motivating employees to increase efficiency and well-being is not delivering the expected results. What’s missing? Today’s general approach to well-being is multi faceted and can include such activities as:  


Nevertheless, increasing numbers of individuals are still feeling less than fulfilled - even after some have partaken in all of the above. The answer to what is missing can be explained. The above activities are all external fixes that only contribute to a short-term increase in a sense of well-being. Something is needed that offers a long-term solution to the problem. And it’s all to do with how we manage our thinking. Cymatech's approach assists in this regard.  


2.   20th century well-being reality
The final two decades of the 20th century can be described as a rush to seek satisfaction of the external self, for most Western populations. Our education and upbringing have done little to enlighten us about that inner self we all have which also has great needs. Today’s 24/7 pressures are pushing an increasing number of the people to ask the question, ‘Is that all there is’? Certainly there is. But what is it? To answer this question requires us to add a few more building blocks to how we view life and it’s purpose. If we stop for a moment and ask where we are in the great scheme of things (see  Old Thinking – New Thinking) the answer begins to come into view. To create the condition for a long lasting sense of well-being requires not only the outer-self to be fulfilled but also the inner self. For Synergy exists between them.




The formula to achieve such a condition has not changed since it was recorded in the days of ancient Greece. The Greeks believed that for an individual to have a strong sense of well-being they had to achieve an inner happy, confident and contented state. And this could only be


induced through balancing the mind, body and  inner-self, as shown in the diagram above. Cymatech addresses this challenge through the techniques and processes used in its counselling, seminars and coaching.  


3.  Changing the approach to well-being
Science is a major contributor to the great changes we experience in our day-to-day life. Quantum theory ( see Old Thinking – New Thinking) was born about a century ago, and is now influencing how we understand our mind and experience life. Three important points can be made here: 


 3.1   All thoughts pass through the conscious mind into the unconscious mind where they are permanently stored. Similar thoughts are attracted through a frame of reference. These form the filters or windows that control how we see ourselves, and the world around us. It is important to recognise that thoughts run 24/7 in the unconscious mind. In addition, all instructions are obeyed without question (see Old Thinking – New Thinking), in the unconscious mind. Thoughts generate the information and emotional input for the human energy field.

3.2    The mind/ brain/ body generates an energy field, which resonates across a wide range of frequencies. When we come into close proximity with another individual who is also transmitting on the same wavelength, we may experience either a pleasant or unpleasant situation. 

Our behaviour is activated from the unconscious mind through the conscious mind and body. This always happens just before we think about it in our conscious mind. It affects our emotions, body language, tone of voice, and even the words we use.  The above strongly suggests that our human energy field acts like a sub atomic magnet attracting similar fields and, hence, experiences. In the world of sub-atomic physics, nothing is as it seems. And the human energy field is a prize example of this fact. Cymatech promotes a greater understanding of this field and how it affects our day-to-day lives. This is especially relevant in the quest to provide a lasting solution to that inner feeling of well-being. Ways of pacifying the outer-self are well established. Cymatech's intention is to provide lasting solutions to create that inner psychological and physiological feeling of well-being.



4.  Change your thinking change your well being

Cymatech focuses upon four conditions that are recognised as principle inputs into our sense of well-being. They all relate to our inner-self and are: 


4.1  Destructive stress patterns 
The human energy field is a major element to consider, when it comes to understanding why we face so many apparently inexplicable situations whilst following life’s path. There are four key areas that cause the most destructive inner stress patterns in our life. This arises because of the way we view life’s purpose. Responsibility is the first area. Applying a true understanding to this stretches our Western imagination to its outer limit.

We are simply not conditioned to understand that, barring acts of nature and acts of God, we are totally responsible for what happens to us in our life. We live in a blame society. It’s not us - it’s them. As like energy field frequencies attract like, in any situation we find ourselves in, what we actually experience is a mirror image of ourselves. This is quite difficult to digest. But it does lead onto wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to seek learning from any of the situations we find ourselves in. It involves simply, asking, ‘What is it I need to learn?’ from this situation, be it an illness, confrontation, loss of employment, bad experience changing homes, and so on. By asking this we can dissolve years of ANT (see Inner Security Post 9/11 and 7/7) accumulation to bring us understanding. It also has a major effect on inner healing.

A major reason for us incarnating into the earth plane is to work through the experiences of different relationships. Why else do you think we are here? And giving and receiving is necessary for long-term happiness within any relationship. Just giving without receiving and vice versa is a sure way to increase inner destructive stress patterns.

How much control do you feel you have over your life? If you feel dis-empowered then you will have a low sense of control and that increases your inner stress levels. Part of life’s purpose is to be self-empowered. If you are in a position of power, how do you use that power? Misuse of power generates high levels of stress in those affected by it. To be self empowered requires a high level of self-esteem.  


4.2   Low self-image
During the first seven years of existence (see Inner Security Post 9/11 and 7/7), the seeds of a low self-image can be sown. Increasing self-esteem (and self worth), of which self-image is a part, is important to prevent a victim or martyr consciousness developing. Sometimes, a “rescuer” appears on the horizon to save us from ourselves. The problem here is that we can perceive this rescuer as a persecutor. High levels of stress are generated through this type of consciousness. To empower the inner creative self, and to achieve higher forms of excellence, requires a strong self-esteem. Cymatech's approach promotes a rescripting of negative filters to strengthen self-esteem. 


4.3  Positive life strategy
Managing thoughts and getting rid of bad thinking habits is growing in importance, with the advent of 24/7 lifestyles, “in the new normal”. Goal setting is recognised as a method to smooth life’s pressures. However, there is another important step that needs to be taken into account to lower stress levels. We have a bad habit of carrying negatives around with us, during day-to-day activities. As our focus narrows, so our problems are accentuated. Reversing this bad habit is essential, to increase the chance of recognising a solution. ANTs (see Old Thinking – New Thinking) are very destructive and lead to high levels of stress. Focusing on a positive solution in the present empowers success and lowers stress. A major part of our life strategy is to recognise that it is the journey through life that is important and not the outcome. Quite the opposite with respect to what we are brought up to believe.

4.4   Inner tranquility
Learning a deep relaxation breathing technique, clearing the busy mind and focusing on a favourite peaceful scene to create an inner tranquillity is not covered in our education curriculum. It is a major step towards creative visualisation. And yet, to achieve any long lasting inner sense of well-being, this is a route that endorses success.

promotes techniques to enable individuals to take charge of their thinking and to manage those synchronistic conscious and unconscious minds.


5.  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  

In the “new normal” that now confronts us, there is a growing interest within companies to explore the significance of both the inner and outer meaning of their employee’s lives. There is a deepening awareness of the role companies can play in orienting their employees towards positive outcomes in life. This can be achieved by gaining more control over circumstances as they arise, or by thinking and feeling positively about what life  


The challenge

throws in their direction. It goes without saying that Employees are the human capital of a company. Unlike monetary capital that can be secured through fixed assets, human capital is mobile. And human capital has needs. For a company to succeed, in today’s highly competitive market, a contract that acknowledges the value of the psychological dimension between it and its employees makes sound business sense. For such a contract would provide for the growth of both parties. Gone are the days when a company could focus solely on the bottom line. To support the investment they make in that carefully selected yet mobile human capital, corporations need to retain those invaluable energies that are embodied in an employee’s mind/ spirit (the basis for lasting motivation). Attention has to be paid to every aspect of the employee’s work. This work has physical, intellectual and spiritual (inner-self) dimensions. Motivation is a prime key here. Companies, through their CSR, are already addressing  these issues. Well-being, in the broadest sense, is what is at stake here, be it a


Motivation requires    

company or individual employee. Cymatech provides solutions for both that are appropriate for the 21st century workplace.

In the great quest to find a solution to enable individuals to get the best out of their lives for themselves, their families and employers, there is a need to reflect on what we are actually about. What actually is our purpose for being here? Is it to grow in spirit as a human being? Can we do this by experiencing and working through relationships, activities and events? The human spiritual dynamic needs to be satisfied. There is more to life than ego satisfaction. Enabling access to our inner-self is a major step in this direction.   

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