Transforming your reality

Cymatech’s intention is to enrich your lives, through its enlightened perception programs whether in the work place, at home, in social or other environments. Reality is not as it seems, and Cymatech broadens your perception enabling you to:

♦   Understand that thinking controls perception. 
♦   Deal with those ANTs*.
♦   Visualise a positive solution in the present - Way to go!
♦   Recognise synchronicity in life.
♦   Access the mind/ brain’s other 90% where the ‘Zone’ is located.
♦   Create your own reality in the context of today’s world. 

*   automatic negative thoughts 


1.  What is your reality?

There are a number of questions that determine what reality means to an individual, or a corporation. I define a “corporation” metaphorically as an economic entity, with a group of individuals working for a defined set of goals. Some of these questions are:

When it comes to understanding reality, our upbringing and education can lead us onto limited paths. We live in a multi-dimensional world and universe, yet our Newtonian/ Cartesian programming (see Old Thinking – New Thinking) means that the conscious mind is merely locking onto a three dimensional reality. However, even though time and space are in fact coexistent, we are programmed to follow and obey the laws of linear time. As a consequence, “reality” turns out to be what we think we see. In other words, our perceptions are narrower than they need to be. School and college education do little to equip us to understand the limits of our perception at both micro and macro levels. And not much time, if any, is allocated to stimulating that great gift we all have - our inner creative potential. Cymatech enables an individual to think outside the box and to expand their understanding and perception.


2.  Change your thought dynamics change your inner reality

Three steps can be taken to change our thought dynamics and perceptions. That is, how we see the world, how the world sees us, and how we react to different experiences. It is important to recognise that cause (our thinking) and effect (perception) colour our experience of life.  

Step 1.: ANTs and doubt destroy feelings of well-being

Automatic negative thoughts (ANTs – see Old Thinking – New Thinking) take hold of our conscious mind and create doubt. Doubt is the father of fear, which is the mother of worry, which in turn is the offspring of anxiety. The diagram below shows the triad of worry, anxiety and fear that gives rise to some of the most destructive 

inner stress patterns. These stress patterns deplete the body’s immune system and disable access to our inner creative self. The techniques used in Cymatech's approach enables individuals to learn to manage and control their inner stress patterns as well as to empower their creative abilities.

Step 2.: A positive focus on a solution in the present brings benefits

For most people there exists a tendency to stay on the negative and continue to focus on their problems. This clouds the conscious mind and blocks any positive intuitive solutions generated from within the unconscious mind. A positive solution can be stimulated, if we ask ourselves what do we need to learn from the negative thoughts that our conscious mind has locked onto. An important and subtle shift in the way we think is to focus upon a positive solution to the problem or situation we are confronted with in the present, rather than the future. Besides which, dwelling on the past only serves a useful purpose if it is to gain some wisdom and learning experience. Focusing on a positive solution now is the way to go. If we merely look back and get caught up in further negative thinking, then there is a high probability that our problems will merely be compounded. And we also lower the chance of seeing a positive outcome. Given that our conscious mind has an addiction to negative thinking (see Old Thinking – New Thinking), the good news is the trend is reversible.

Step 3. Look for and expect synchronicity to occur

A busy mind plus a mind contaminated by worry, anxiety and fear puts a set of blinkers on reality. This attracts negative outcomes, until it is realised that we “ourselves” are actually contributing to the problem or situation, whatever it may be. An uncluttered mind is open to the synchronicity of life’s events and activities. In effect, we ourselves create the circumstances in which we can recognise the relevance of that unexpected meeting, telephone call, opportunity or contact from a friend or colleague. The point to make here is that within the unconscious mind, time and space are coexistent, which means that everything is happening now. Our conditioning is not geared to recognise this nor synchronistic events and activities.
Cymatech provides a framework to reverse this situation to benefit individuals.


3.   Change your life - access that other 90%

It is an established fact that less than 10 % of our mind/ brain system is used on a regular basis. Einstein is reputed to have said that he thought he used less than 5% of his mind/ brain system. So what is happening to the other 90%? The answer is – very little, unless we can enable access to it. And that is what Cymatech's approach is all about. The diagram below shows a simplified model of the brain/ mind system. 


                         Model of Mind/ Brain System, Other 90% and Zone



In this model, the conscious mind is represented by the 10%, and the unconscious mind is represented by that other 90%. It is within this part of the mind that our inner potential lies. This is where the ability to achieve high levels of excellence and hidden talents are located. It is also the home of our imagination, intuition and creativity. We seldom access that huge storehouse of potential located in the other 90%, on a regular basis, thanks to the way our mind has been conditioned. And due to the busy nature of our mind, this drives out reflective activity, preventing access to it. Cymatech's intention here is to access a vital area, in the unconscious mind, called the Zone. Those at the top of their respective trees got there by accessing this important area, be they super heroes or celebrities. Everything that is done within the Zone gets supercharged. It can definable as:

that level of consciousness where it is possible by visualising, i.e. seeing in the mind, an activity or goal, and to set up conditions to achieve superior feats and performance. The activity or goal is always enacted in the mind in the present through to a successful conclusion. Action follows to achieve the desired results.  


In addition, when we react to a situation, we react according to the filters we have pre-programmed into our unconscious mind. The conscious mind has the ability to question, but the unconscious mind obeys all the instructions it is given without question.  


4.   Creating your reality

Cymatech's research and development program has extended over a ten year period, investigating methods to empower individuals to reach ever higher levels of excellence and success, as well as to increase their physiological and psychological sense of well-being. Cymatech's enlightened perception programs assist an individual to manage their thinking in a positive and constructive way. To create a change in the way we perceive reality, we need to change the way we process our thinking about it. In today’s 24/7 societies, it is increasingly recognised that techniques, technology and intellect alone are not enough to meet 21st century challenges. It is necessary to use that other 90%.   


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