Old Thinking – New Thinking

Cymatech's intention is to enrich your life, through its enlightened perception programs whether in the work place, at home, in social or other environments. To meet on-going challenges, the 21st century requires a change in the way you think. This entails:

♦  Changing your thinking which changes the way you see life.
♦  Opening that virtual Newtonian/ Cartesian thinking box.
♦  Using the right brain hemisphere – that inner creative resource. 
♦  Realising the bio-info/ energy/ chemical consequences of thought.
♦  Enhancing your immune system – get rid of the ANTs.*
♦  Reconfiguring your inner world to bring lasting well-being.

*    automatic negative thoughts


1.   Thinking and perception

Understanding that we really can control our own thought processes is a major step forward to induce lateral thinking. The psychology of how our beliefs are formed plays a major role in how we view and experience our lives. Our thought processes create a belief structure that in turn forms our perception of how everything appears to be. Most people think that beliefs are fixed, rather than merely their own particular way of looking at how things are. Nevertheless, to change a belief, we only need to question it. 

Beliefs are like windows in the mind that act as a filter through which we observe our self and our world. While it is true that we enter the palace reason via the courtyard of habit, problems arise when these habits are passed their sell-by-date. Few have been taught otherwise, which is where Cymatech comes in.  


2.  Beating a historical deception

History, as a record of past thinking, has shown that science holds a major key to understanding our thought processes.  It helps to explain how we approach numerous environments that constitute our relationships with time and space. For example, about three hundred years ago, two giants of their time Rene Descartes and Sir Isaac Newton, built upon what was then cutting edge knowledge, and formulated what were to become the medical, scientific, mathematical and analytical foundations of future thinking. And we are still greatly influenced by their work that follows mechanistic, materialistic, and three-dimensional lines. This approach is responsible for developing our left-brain hemisphere which we use for reading, arithmetic, analysis, logic, time and space co-ordination, at the expense of our right brain hemisphere, the seat of our imagination, creativity, intuition, feelings, and visualisation. A life-changing consequence of this chain of events is that the potential to achieve high degrees of creative excellence is put into a straight jacket because of the left-brain emphasis. And our thinking is well and truly locked in a virtual box. However, the remarkable paradigm shifts of the 17th century have been superseded by yet another in the 20th century that has changed everything.


Einstein and a group of  quantum  physicists  created  this  new  paradigm  shift,  the effects of which are only now being strongly felt, at the beginning of  this 21st century. What science has shown is that the three dimensional world we observe is in reality a multi-dimensional world. Due to the way our conscious and unconscious minds have been programmed, our belief systems have been constructed taking no account of the other dimensions. And yet these contribute to empowering the right-brain hemisphere. It is a fact that our education has built-in limitations because it focuses solely on the five senses, (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell). Cymatech's approach overcomes these limitations by empowering the right-brain hemisphere to work synergistically with the left-brain hemisphere.


3.   What our thinking does to us 

With the above in mind, it is clear that our general education does not necessarily contribute to an understanding of just what thinking does to us, or help us to manage and control our thoughts. How could it, when its focuses on a mechanistic, materialistic three-dimensional world? Neuroscience has shown that as we think, the effects are felt instantaneously down to a level of the body's cells. The diagram below shows the basic structure of a thought that is 



generated in the mind. It has two components - information and energy (the emotions/ feelings attached to the thought). This creates an instantaneous effect within the brain and body down to the cell level where it creates a bio-information, bio-energy and bio-chemical change.  

Part of our evolutionary inheritance is an addiction to negative thinking. This is a process that was and is linked to our survival in a world of dangers, both real and imaginary. It goes like this: a negative thought swiftly takes over the mind and becomes an automatic negative thought or ANT. In to-day’s media-driven world, a world of mass communications with mass populations, the latter affected by mass production methods, these ANT infestations are all too easily compounded. If the ANTs are dwelled upon at length, this can get hard wired into the neuro cells. Moreover, they cause two destructive effects. The first is the bio-chemicals it produces at the cell level, and the second is the fact that it contributes to the human energy field. Continuous negative thinking overloads the immune system. The result is that the physical body becomes prone to the development of tumours and disease. Any contribution to the brain/ body’s energy field, be it positive or negative, acts like a sub-atomic transmitter receiver where like frequencies attracts like. This means that we attract more of the same. In other words, if we face a deteriorating physiological and psychological condition, we are doing it to ourselves. The solution to this is, if we change our thinking, we can change the way we relate to what we perceive to be our reality. This benefits our health and well being, in a world in which the ‘new normal’ is changing the rules by which we are obliged to live. 

Cymatech's approach offers individuals the opportunity to reconfigure their inner worlds, a process that will be a lasting benefit not only to themselves, but also improve, across the board, their everyday private and public relationships.


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