Management team

John Leckie – the founder and Chairman of Cymatech has a first degree in nuclear physics and a master’s in computer science and business studies. Two major events inspired John towards developing a Consciousness Technology (CT) process. The first, observing that people face a lack of psychological and spiritual (inner) growth in conventional business and public sector life which degrades their positive feeling of well-being. And the second was developing an interest in the power of the unconscious mind which triggered an understanding of how the imagination works and how it affects an individual’s creative abilities.

John has investigated the energy effects of different sounds, images and colors on an individual’s mind and body links, mainly as a secondary research activity. Recognizing that each human being has an energy structure that relates to its surrounding energy created a framework that resulted in the CT process. And gaining an understanding of the psychology of the conscious and unconscious mind provided a structure for
Cymatech’s  Enlightened Perception Programs.

John’s senior level business background is in development banking (World Bank, Washington DC) and merchant banking (City of London and the Middle East (Kuwait)) where he practiced international corporate finance, project finance, direct investments and participated as a board member in acquired companies.

J. Scott Miller has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and an MPA (Marketing) from Harvard University’s Executive Program has over 20 years international experience in marketing and business development. He is to head up marketing and sales of Cymatech ‘s Lifestyle products within the United States. Scott has been President of successful entrepreneurial companies marketing unique high technology solutions worldwide. His accomplishments include building entrepreneurial companies through dynamic marketing tactics and the creation of strategic relationships.

Sylvia Ayling - has an Honours Degree in Education, and a Royal Society of Arts Diploma in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages. She has taught for over twenty years in a variety of London placements, including Schools where she offered extra-curricula support, and the YMCA as a Language and Communications Skills Tutor. In the course of her teaching career, she developed a lifelong interest in adapting and creating visual and auditory material to meet the needs of adults returning to education with the intention of improving their circumstances in life. She councils Cymatech on its product language communication flow, is chief editor and historic adviser.

The management team members are hands-on multidisciplinary professionals, dedicated to the development of consciousness-driven products that empower personal development growth solutions and increase an individual’s feeling of positive well-being, whatever the desired outcome may be.


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