Inner Security Post 9/11 and 7/7

Cymatech’s intention is to enrich our lives, through its enlightened perception programs, whether in the work place, at home, in social or other environments.  Cymatech regenerates that inner sense of security we were all born with enabling you to:

♦   Balance external freedom with internal freedom.
♦   Rediscover your sixth sense.
♦   Get into using that all powerful ‘Zone’. 
♦   Strengthen the self-esteem on which success is built. 
♦   Manage those thought processes and activate your inner sensors.
♦   Deal with the triad (worry, anxiety and fear)  to empower that inner sense of security.




1.  Whatever happened to that Inner feeling of Security? 

When Thomas Jefferson remarked that ‘The price of freedom is eternal vigilance’, it was well understood that the freedom he spoke of was of the external type. But what of our sense of internal freedom? It is not even thought of as a human right. And yet without it, we are being denied, and are even denying ourselves, our birthright. Accessing the potential to experience this freedom is what Cymatech is interested in. It is what our Enlightened Perception Programs are all about. As for our external freedoms, it falls to Governments to protect the interests of their citizens.

No amount of external security built around fixed assets such as reinforced walls, CCTV, patrol dogs and security officials, will contribute to a lasting feeling of inner security. Nothing in our upbringing and education has prepared us for the worry, anxiety and fear (the triad) that can be generated from the above two events. These events, like the Madrid bombings of 11th March 2004, act as harbingers of doubt that automatically trigger the triad. Can you do something to reduce the impact on mind and body of those energy destroying negative thoughts, in today’s world? Absolutely! But you need to develop new skills. What skills? They are basic skills that you can learn which will provide you with a strong lasting inner feeling of security. This is the concomitant of a sense of well-being. They focus on reinforcing your intuitive intelligence, enabling that all-powerful Zone (see Transforming your reality) to construct a strong inner sense of security.

Pressures are operating in the external world that we feel we can do nothing to change. This interferes with the thought processes that we need for everyday life by fragmenting them and leaving us confused, fearful and full of doubts. Cymatech takes a non-gender specific approach to enable individuals to pull together their thought processes whilst activating their protective sensors.

2.   Regenerating that protective intuitive intelligence

What has happened to our intuition (inner knowing) that informs us when we are apparently on the edge of chaos? It has become trapped in a virtual box. How did it get boxed in? From birth 


our upbringing and education  concentrates on developing the five senses, as shown in the diagram above. Concentration on the five senses influences our beliefs, perception and behaviour. It also develops our left-brain hemisphere at the expense of our right-brain hemisphere (see Old Thinking – New Thinking). We are all born with a sixth sense, but it is not given any consideration in our formal education. And yet this is a major part of our intuition and intuitive intelligence. Opening the box to release this powerful sensor is straight forward, and one that Cymatech takes into account to your advantage.

Just as today’s winners do, whatever field of endeavour they may be in, so you too can use the power of the Zone (see Transforming your reality). You can use the Zone as a platform to increase your sensory awareness to any approaching danger. It’s all a matter of training. The techniques used are deceptively simple and involve relaxational breathing, creative visualisation and some neuro linguistic programming. Cymatech's approach is to train individuals to get into the Zone and to use it for their advantage.


3.   Self-esteem versus inner sense of security

Today’s 24/ 7 fast pace of life demands that we use the protective skills which were once just a part of day-to-day existence. As our ancestors migrated from a rural to an urban habitat, and became more and more dependent on industrial and later electronic technology, so the art of sensing danger became attenuated. Two key factors make a major contribution to how secure we feel within  ourselves. These are the strength or weakness of our self-esteem and our


expectations. Our upbringing and education, especially up to the age of seven years, are most important in this regard. For those whom we looked up to as guides and mentors, through a chance negative remark, could well have caused damage to our self-esteem. These remarks are stored deep within our unconscious mind. As life unfolds, such remarks accumulate and unless dealt with, give rise to low feelings of self-esteem. The knock on effect leads to a low self-image and self-belief, as shown in the diagram above. Moreover, our expectations about the future are also adversely affected. Self-belief and expectations are both inter-connected and have a direct affect on our behaviour and outcome in our lives.

By re-scripting the causes of low self-esteem and low expectations, Cymatech is able to induce a strengthening in an individual’s sense of inner security and well-being. Armed with a strong self-belief, individuals are more than likely to have a strong feeling of inner security. This is because they are able to tune into those natural protective sensors that lie dormant within them.  

4.   Make your life feel more secure

Recognising the internal causes that affect our sense of insecurity is important to providing solutions. Cymatech concentrates on three areas, as shown in the diagram below, to provide a solution. Each of these areas affects how we respond to a perceived threat. They also affect whether or not our mind/ brain/ body’s natural sensors that warn us of danger can come into effect. Cymatech provides methods that enable individuals to manage their stress through


dealing with the debilitating effects of doubt and the triad. An framework has been designed to deal with increasing self-esteem and expectations. With the ability to manage stress, and deal with low feelings of self-esteem, enabling access to that all-powerful Zone follows. A method is provided to recall the brain/ mind/ body’s natural protective sensors, once the Zone is accessed. Cymatech's approach is all about creating and maintaining a psychological and physiological balance to enable those natural sensors we all have to come into effect. Think of Cymatech as your co-pilot, directing your outer and inner journeys.  


5. Your future can be secure

As soon as you  create  that  inner  feeling  of  security,  life’s  other  pressing security issues, such as those shown below, can be dealt with. For they are ever present part of our existence in the short and long term. Cymatech investigates causes and provides solutions to create both an internal and external balance, to deal with the issues shown in the diagram below.



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