Consciousness Technology

Cymatech's intention is to enrich your life, through its enlightened perception programs whether in the work place, at home, in social or other environments.
Consciousness Technology provides a platform to achieve these goals that will enable you to: 

♦   Regenerate your imagination.
♦   Empower your inner creative self and intuitive intelligence.
♦   Enable access to the mind’s all-powerful ‘Zone’.
♦   Increase the brain’s alpha and theta content.
♦   Provide a framework to manage the mind and thinking processes.
♦   Discover techniques to manage and control stress.

1.   Introduction
Do we need to free ourselves from those invisible self-imposed mind-forged manacles, that attach themselves to us as we advance along life’s path? Absolutely, and this can be achieved through gaining an insight into how we manage our thinking processes. Consciousness can be divided into at least two parts: the conscious and unconscious mind. Both parts can be thought of as being separated by “filters” or “gates”. (see Old Thinking – New Thinking
) Within the depths of the unconscious mind is an area, or state within the mind/ brain system, that can be described as the Zone (see Transforming your reality). This area has a specific role to play in our thinking and performance. Those individuals who are celebrated as the world’s movers and shakers can enter and make use of its power. Some of the techniques used require a long-term commitment for users to succeed. But Cymatech has developed its Consciousness Technology process to enable access to the Zone in less than 30 minutes and to retain this advantage. Consciousness Technology regenerates the imagination and empowers the synergy contained within both the inner creative self, intuitive intelligence and the intellect.

What is Consciousness Technology?
It is a set of scientifically well-proven methods incorporated into a process that can include (amongst others) video, sound, breathing, muscle relaxation, neuro linguistic programming, cognitive behaviour techniques, emotional intelligence and creative visualisation techniques. These are included in an audio/ video program creating a relaxed and heightened state of receptivity very quickly.

Why is a relaxed and high state of receptivity important?
The conscious mind is very busy; innumerable thoughts constantly circulate within it. To enable controlled access to the unconscious mind and the Zone, it is essential to create passive concentration, clearing any clutter out of the conscious mind. Once the conscious mind is still, a two-way channel through to the unconscious mind is opened. How this is achieved is explained below.

Why is the Zone important?
It is a fact that the world’s successful Olympic athletes and sports persons, famous writers, creative artists and musicians, all access the Zone before achieving their goals. They have either been taught how to do it, or do it naturally. Once in the Zone they visualise, that is, see in their mind (imagination) the task that they wish to perform, rehearse it and project a successful conclusion in the present. Anything visualised in the Zone becomes supercharged. At this stage action needs to be taken to reach a successful outcome. Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, is a prime example of this; seven times winner of the Tour de France, one of the world’s most demanding feats of endurance.

Do we need Consciousness Technology?
Pressures on today’s society are 24/ 7, with the majority of people facing a time famine. There is just not enough time in the day to complete the numerous tasks that confront us. At times such as these, feelings of well-being can be particularly low. Because what we chose to do results from a process driven by the brain’s left hemisphere (see Transforming your reality
 and Inner Security Post 9/11 and 7/7) this is, in actual fact, a self-limiting process. No more than 10% of the brain/ mind system, is being used. Our thinking becomes trapped in a metaphorical virtual box with little time and opportunity to prise open the lid. As a result, any existing lack of the sense of well-being is compounded. Reversing this effect in record time, through a controlled use of the Zone, results in a vastly improved sense of physiological and psychological well-being. Consciousness Technology offers a fast track solution through its products that will assist individuals to create a healthier lifestyle and to achieve a positive psychological growth.

2.    Empowering the mind/brain's natural aptitude
The human brain is made up of matter and energy. As we think, so brainwaves are generated and can be measured by an electroencephalogram. Four discrete levels of brainwaves are detectable: the beta level (normal consciousness -14Hz to 120Hz+), alpha level (accesses the Zone – 7Hz to 13 Hz), theta level (highly creative and inner healing capability – 4Hz to 6 Hz) and delta level (coma state – 0.5Hz to 3 Hz). As the mind/ brain system is like a biological tuning fork, Cymatech uses its techniques to increase the alpha and theta levels of brainwaves. This enables an individual to access and make use of that all-powerful Zone.During 1988, neuroscientists at the National Institute of Health in Washington DC completed some research strongly suggesting that the mind is an energy field surrounding the body. Other international scientists have also demonstrated this major finding. And it is now a proven fact that the mind communicates down to the level of the body’s cells. Cymatech's products make a positive contribution to the body’s cell’s energy state through the mind/ brain system. As stated above, the techniques used are designed to add to an individual’s physiological and psychological well-being.

3.   What are the techniques used?
– sound and image energy management using music, natural sounds, special effects and moving images.

Syntonics – colour energy management using video and special images.



Relaxation induction – physical energy management using breathing, muscle relaxation and sensing techniques to achieve a passive concentration to accelerate the users ability to enter a relaxed state of mind and the Zone.

Once in the Zone, the product goals are achieved through:

Visualization – self-image projection enabling the imagination. 

* Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – techniques designed to rescript inner negative thoughts, change destructive stress patterns and behaviour.

**Emotional Intelligence (EI)  plus Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) – techniques designed to increase empathy and improve relationships.

Product delivery is through a DVD/ tape or the Internet.

4.   What does Consciousness Technology provide its users with? 


* automatic negative thoughts (ANTs)

Cymatech's Consciousness Technology approach provides a process that empowers the imagination. This enables individuals to redefine and renew themselves so that they, too, can find a lifestyle that promises a healthy outcome. It provides a crucial foundation on which to build a secure inner environment. As life unfolds, that secure inner environment, which generates the desired motivation, will be replayed through the individual's behaviour, including their ability to manage their thinking and reconfigure their perceptions in tune with reality.


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