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Enlightened Perception Program  

Cymatech is an independently funded research and development organisation dedicated to the creation of Enlightened Perception Programs (EPP). A key objective of these programs is to create a clearer understanding of consciousness, and to provide techniques that raise an individual’s level of consciousness. EPP makes available a process that broadens an individual’s perception of life’s challenges. It also provides a framework to assist an individual to fulfil their purpose. How does it do this? By reconnecting them with their creative inner-self and intuitive intelligence. In this 21st century, EPP adds an important understanding of what is required to lead and operate successfully in business, or socially, or in a sporting environment, or within a family. Last but not least, EPP provides a hidden benefit that empowers an inner sense of well-being and happiness.

In the 1990’s, a new social contract was developed by Western companies whereby they agreed to contribute to their employees psychological and inner (spiritual) growth. Employees were beginning to be regarded as a valuable human capital rather than as mere commodities.  Why? Because human capital had become better educated, and highly mobile, and there was a need to retain the best employees. Good leadership at all levels of management is an essential part of retaining these employees. EPP makes a contribution to the success of this new social contract, to the quality of leadership, and to employees’ sense of positive well-being.

EPP consists of a counselling and coaching service, personal development (consciousness raising) seminars, an enabling creative solutions consultancy service and DVD products using Cymatech's Consciousness Technology approach. The first three parts of the program are already in place. We intend to join forces with those who are not only in business but engaged in the business of living, to our mutual advantage.

Consciousness Technology
What is Consciousness Technology (‘CT’)? CT is a process incorporating a unique set of techniques and process that enable an individual to enter into an inner state of mind called the “Zone”. Within the Zone, it is possible to set up conditions to achieve superior feats of physical and mental performance, or desired goals. CT is a part of Cymatech's EPP process.

How does CT create success? CT operates at two levels, both using scientifically proven techniques.

 Ø  The first level is a process that can include light, sound, breathing and other relaxation techniques to create a heightened state of receptivity very quickly. This is necessary to achieve maximum benefit from the second level. Relaxation techniques are used to achieve similar results in our seminar/ workshops.

Ø  The second level uses techniques of visualisation, neuro linguistic programming and some positive cognitive based psychology to accomplish a successful outcome.In summary, CT provides some keys to empower an individual to increase the probability of achieving their life’s goals, and also to find their optimum path. CT increases an individual’s awareness through enhancing their intuitive intelligence and inner creative abilities. It balances intellect with creative self. Finally, CT contributes to a much needed inner feeling of positive well-being and happiness.


Cymatech’s Mission

Vision Statement
Cymatech's goal is to empower individuals, using  its EPP, to understand themselves and their purpose in life, to achieve ever increasing levels of excellence, and to increase their physiological and psychological feelings of positive well-being.

Unique Selling Proposition
Cymatech’s EPP creates an opportunity, via its CT process, to achieve an enriched lifestyle by enabling both brain hemispheres to operate in synchrony, and to reconnect an individual with their inner-self. In this way the underused energy of the creative inner-self and intuitive ability will be realised. The imagination, a principal key to creative thinking, is regenerated. This is achieved through a fast track approach involving a unique combination of easily absorbed audio/ visual and positive psychology techniques. Application of the EPP represents a quantum leap forward in personal development and a quantum shift in thinking.In comparison with many other products, Cymatech's clients are always awake and in full control.

Enlightened Perception Programs
Cymatech has divided its operations into four inter-related self-empowerment segments:

About us

Consciousness raising seminars are tailor made to fit both private and public sector organizations, and cover a broad range of organizational needs. Some examples of these seminars are:

1.     The elusive skills of leadership.
2.     Activate creative thoughts.
3.     Delivering inspirational presentations.
4.     D’stress: control worry, anxiety, fear and a feeling of insecurity.

Counselling and coaching: one on one consultancy that provides solutions to enable individuals to achieve success in all aspects of their life.

Enabling creative solutions is a consultancy service that assists individuals to ‘think out of the box’ to find solutions to difficult challenges and problems.  

Personal Development Programs (on a DVD)  They will provide the user with a process that empowers the imagination to solve today's 24/ 7 problems by enabling the user's dormant inner potential.


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